As the tagline of my website indicates, I write and speak about the pursuit of faith. I’ve been a Christian for decades, and honestly, I have no complaints. I grew up in a Christian home with two loving Christian parents and five loving (well, most of the time) Christian siblings. I graduated from a Christian university with degrees in ministry and theology. I married the girl of my dreams and together we raised three amazing daughters who now have amazing families of their own. I’ve spent decades serving the church in ministry and parachurch ministry. I’m thankful for my Christian faith and experience and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

But I know that’s not everyone’s story. In some ways, maintaining my faith as a Christian in the U.S. has come easily. I’ve experienced my share of hardship, but I’ve never had to endure racism or bias. I’m an older, white, American male. Many of you have had it much harder, and I want to gain a greater awareness of that.

As I do, I continue to treasure the church, my Christian faith, and the Bible, while my passion is to help people who feel disengaged from, disillusioned by, or simply skeptical toward Christianity and the church to come to a faith that blesses them and pleases God.

I would be honored if you choose to stay with me as I write about issues of faith. I’m still growing, still learning, still moving toward the person I want to be. Maybe we can grow together.

Shawn McMullen is Vice President for Partner Relations with the Christian Church Leadership Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio. With more than four decades of experience in local church ministry, he now focuses on the training and development of future church leaders. He served for 15 years as editor of The Lookout, a national magazine for growing Christians, and is the author/co-author of 9 books and multiple articles. He  enjoys gardening, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife, their three daughters, and their families.