Where is this Heading?

If you noticed my website tagline or read my “About” page, you’ll know that I write about matters of faith. That may seem like a broad topic, and in some ways it is. But in another way, it’s the essential starting point and the heart of the matter

We put faith in many things. When I travel on a two-lane highway, I put my faith in the drivers of the cars traveling toward me. I trust them to stay in their lane and not move into mine. When I sit in a chair, I put my faith in the integrity of its construction, trusting that it will support my weight and not collapse. The issue isn’t whether or not we exercise faith, but where we choose to place it.

So let me ask. Do you have faith in God?

Some of you came to this faith at an early age. You listened to your parents and Sunday school teachers, agreed with what they said, and put your trust in a God whose nature, character, and purpose you read about in the Bible. Some of you came to this faith later in life. It wasn’t until you listened to a friend, or got married, or felt vulnerable that you began to think about God and your relationship to him.

Some of you have gone through this process in reverse. You’ve had faith, but now you’ve given it up. You have your reasons. The church seemed like a safe place, until it wasn’t. People who claimed to follow God seemed trustworthy, until they weren’t. The Bible seemed reliable, until it didn’t. Christianity seemed plausible, until it wasn’t.

Some of you are wrestling with this now. You have faith. You believe in God, but certain teachings of the church seem hard to embrace. They clash with culture. They run counter to your sense of equity and fairness and compassion. You may feel like you’re emerging from all of this. Or you may feel lost.

To some of you, the concept of faith in God is irrational. You didn’t grow up in church. Your family didn’t talk about God. His existence, not to mention ordering your life around him, never made sense.

I’m sure there are more categories than these. (If I’ve missed yours, my apologies.) But even these few examples show us that coming to faith in God isn’t the same for everyone. Sure, faith in God has its basic components. But the individual’s journey toward faith can be as diverse as the individual. Our lives, our experiences, our personal wiring are all very different.

This perspective will drive all my blogs to come. I’ll write about faith in God. What it is, why it matters, and how we get there. I’ll write about pursuing it and I’ll write about practicing it. 

And I’ll listen. You might be swimming in doubt. Or anger. You may feel tired, worn down by what appears to be a constant clash of faith and culture. I might write something that doesn’t make sense to you. If it helps to express your thoughts, to talk about obstacles and ask questions, I would be honored to hear from you. Write to me from my Contact page.

We’re just getting started here, and as the adage suggests, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” As the weeks—and blog posts—go by, I hope that what I write helps you in pursuit of a faith that gives your life purpose and meaning as it brings honor to God.

We’ll see how it goes.